KNIELE elevators: bucket hoists (standard), alternatively buckets with bottom dump discharge.

Standard equipment of an elevator:

quality drive
separately borne cable reel with track grooves
automatic valve for feeding of the mixer
all required switches, incl. emergency-stop and slackline switch
material elevator wit selectable inclination (25° to 90°)

Special equipment:

elevator with pole-changing motor or frequency control
double diversion valve for distribution into two mixers
designed as an aggregate weigher
extended track - straight or buckled

Plunge-protection for material elevators:(for bucket hoist elevators)

The abrasion and overload protection is designed to avoid crash during elevation. This newly developed device will - in case of overload or abrasion of the cable - switch off the driver or provoke a signal to avoid crash of the bucket.

Many different ways of adaptation enable us to meet with the highest demands and requirements.

Standard winch for one cable

Patented fall protection with track cable and safety cable

Skip bucket, tilting version

elevator with bucket hoist

elevator with bottom dump discharge