Cement silos including accessories: the silos are equipped with all safety facilities and components, e.g. cement screws, filters (jet-filter or vibrating filter), binder dispersion, manual shut-off valves and pneumatic rotating flaps, emergency slide, overfill-protection, central filling station, implo-explo valves, bin level measuring (by content indicator or ultra-sound).

Aggregate silos, designed as round silos or rectangular silos, single or in a row, bunkers for all kinds of aggregates. Connections for steam lines and inlet slots - for a heating system - can be provided.

Bin level measuring: continuous bin level measuring by ultra-sound or content indicator, emergency-stop.

Steel structure: supporting structures for all kinds of plants, working platforms, maintenance platforms for the feeding drive, dosing valves and weighers, entire lining (isolated or non-isolated).

Silo installation for aggregates