Foam Concrete Plants

We are an enterprise which is engaged in the development of foam concrete – especially in the manufacture of the corresponding mixing plants.

Our Cone Mixer KKM is particularly suitable for the production of foam concrete and complies with all the necessary requirements. Thanks to its conical trough and the independently adjustable agitators the KKM Mixer is ideally suited for this purpose.

We have been working with partners which are developing formulas and corresponding foaming agents. This enables us to offer a complete solution which also includes the production of processing machinery.

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The material (water, cement, fly ash, Styrofoam …) is premixed in the Con Mixer.

The next step is the addition of foam from a foam generator. When the mixing is completed the mixed material will be pumped to the site by an eccentric screw pump.

Concrete types with a density of 100 – 800 kg/m³ can be mixed.