The vertical concrete mixing plant

Between 100 m³ and 1000 m³ of material can be stored in the aggregate silo with a diameter from 5,75 to 10,5 m. Charging can be effected at 16° by conveyor belts (even), by steep-incline conveyor belts (napped) at 30°, by bucket-type elevator or by an S-conveyor.

Thanks to the conception of the plant charging can be carried out without additional staff. Processing of the aggregates is possible even at extremely low temperatures if the silos are equipped with isolated coating and heating.

The installation of several mixers ensures a very high effectiveness of the plant. An independent production of ready-mixed concrete, mortar or flowing attic (if an anhydrite mixer is integrated into the plant) is possible.

Step plant

Due to its low height this low tower plant is used wherever officially predefined height limitations must be observed

Tower Plant

Step Plant

Step Plant