Malaxeur conique acier inoxydable

with 2 agitators

Mixing and Foaming

KNIELE has chosen a fully new path and developed and patented a cone-type mixer with impressive features. Thanks to a fully new technology, a never seen performance can be achieved now.

For special mixtures, the cone-type mixer is produced in stainless steel design

Bets mixing results thanks the new mixing principle

No loss of mixing quality when mixing small quantities!

Fully discharging in shortest time!

Funnel shaped, space-saving design

Low fouling rate and simple, manual or even automatic ways of cleaning.

Absolutely silent

Additive mixing w/o stripes, e.g. paints

Infinitely variable agitators

High level operating safety and efficiency

Mixer is designed as a weigher!

Foaming of fluids! (with an additional agitator, if needed)

Lab mixer

Very wide range of purposes, e.g. in mineral plants, chemical, food and aminal food industry, all kind of dry mixtures and fluids, environment technology, soil conditioning and concrete products!

Here you can download detailed information as pdf-document.

Malaxeur protegé contre l’explosion (partie intérieure) - admission simple

Malaxage de matières premières avec des polyépoxydes

Acte de brevet