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Mixing tools made of stainless steel inside a mixer for concrete.
Mixing Systems
White cone-shaped Kniele mixer for concrete with two attached motors and open mixer gate.

Kniele Cone Mixer KKM

The cone mixer for your application
We've taken an entirely new route with the KNIELE KKM cone mixer. This patented cone mixer features qualities that have a powerful effect. Thanks to innovative technology, the KNIELE KKM cone mixer achieves unprecedented performance, quality and reproducibility.

The KNIELE cone mixer KKM is also used in laboratories of educational institutions, material testing centres and research institutes for the development of special concretes due to its excellent properties.

Versions in mild steel or stainless steel are available.
Two counter-current agitators...
Production of high-performance concrete...
Mixing in a vacuum...
Advantages at a glance
2D-CAD drawing of the cone mixer with stirring tools and arrows showing the material transport.

The time-compressor – mixing in the 4th dimension...

Agitator of cone mixer made of stainless steel with screw and wing and long stirring arm.
Agitator of a cone mixer with coil and wing and stirring arms with hard application.
Agitator of a cone mixer made of stainless steel with blades and long stirring arm.
Agitator of a cone mixer with blades of stainless steel and hard-faced stirring arms
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