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Experience reports
Marcus Winterfeld

With the individual adaptation of the separately driven agitator of the KNIELE Ring-Pan Mixer ZE-X for our UHPC concrete in earth-moist consistency, we have achieved a previously unknown homogeneity. Despite very limited space, a 1.5 m³ mixer could be installed. This means that we can now produce 50% more concrete in almost the same time and in better quality than before. We did not have to make any adjustments to the building. The construction, which was tailored to our needs, saved us a building conversion and downtime.

The adherence to the very short installation time and commissioning as well as the characteristics of the mixer convinced us. From planning to commissioning, the paths were always short and efficient. Decisions were made quickly and adjustments were implemented immediately. The usual small problems after commissioning were always solved quickly and competently.

Marcus Winterfeld CEO Hans Rinninger u. Sohn GmbH u. CO KG
Mr. Viacheslav Markin

I am very satisfied with the performance of the Kniele Cone Mixer KKM 30 Liter and we have succeeded in producing a printable foam concrete with it.
For the future, I see foam concrete as an excellent insulating material for the construction sector.

Mr. Viacheslav Markin TU Dresden
Mr. Tsjoen Lieven, CEO

The KNIELE Conical Mixer KKM is really something we cannot miss any longer !!

  • Rapid cleaning
  • Perfect mixing

Kniele is a private company so help-decisions go really fast:
This quick support is a big plus for customers.

Finally we win time during every cleaning but much more we won quality!!

Mr. Tsjoen Lieven, CEO Decomo - Belgium
Markus Tenwinkel, CEO

This is convincing:

  • "Very good flexibility in the KNIELE Cone Mixer and particularly suitable for small quantities of 50-100 litres. It provides very good mixing results in the area of light/heavy and self-compacting concretes."
  • "Good, robust technique. Value for money. Nice, courteous staff."
  • "The KNIELE Mixer was our first mixer. And at the moment, if a new one should come, I only see another KNEILE Mixer!"
Markus Tenwinkel, CEO Tenwinkel GmbH & Co.KG
Jürgen Unglehrt, CEO

We see the advantages of the KNIELE Cone Mixer in the mixing results and in the short cleaning times, which also enable intermediate cleaning. In particular the face concrete mixer convinced us with reagrd to the above-mentioned arguments.

Jürgen Unglehrt, CEO UNGLEHRT GmbH & Co. KG
Reinhold Brehm, CEO

The KNIELE Annular Tray Mixer ZE impresses with its two mechanically driven agitators due to the very good mixing of the mix, its very low power consumption and the extremely low wear on the agitator mechanism and gear. The mixer outlet should be emphasized in particular. It convinces with its high durability, very little wear and contributes to super-fast emptying of the mixer.

Reinhold Brehm, CEO Transbeton Biberach