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Mixing tools of stainless steel in a concrete mixer.
Mixing Systems
Mixer with open cover and red drive on top, cylindrical upper part and conical lower part.

Self-leveling screed Mixers AFE

Floor screed, factory-mixed...
In the case of factory-mixed floor screed, the individual components are automatically weighed in the mixing plant, which ensures perfectly consistent quality.

A high-speed agitator designed as a scale has been developed for mixing the glue. The mixing trough, agitator and cover are made of 100% stainless steel. An automatic mixer cleaning system is built into the mixer cover as standard.
Anhydrides and recycling...
Advantages at a glance...
2D-CAD drawing of a mixer with cylindrical upper part and conical lower part, lateral view and top view.

Fluently mixed ex works...

Cylindrical mixer from above with drive and blue pump on a grid.
Different sizes and diameters of the AFE mixer, 1800 litres, 2500 litres.
Cylindrical mixer with closed cover, blue hoses into the mixer and red hand lever at the cover.
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Dipl. Ing. Harald Kniele

Specialist mixing technology and plant components

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