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Mixing tools made of stainless steel inside a mixer for concrete.
Mixing Systems
White Kniele cone mixer for concrete with two attached motors and open mixer cover.
Kniele Cone Mixer KKM
White conical mixer for concrete with two attached motors on a mobile base and a control cabinet and stairs attached to it.
Laboratory Mixer KKM-L
Stainless steel frame with a conical mixer behind plexiglass and a control box to the right.
Laboratory Mixer KKM-RT
Cylindrical mixer for concrete from above with a central rocker arm to which several stirring arms are attached.
Intensive Annular Tray Mixer
Three stainless steel cups horizontally offset by 120 degrees attached to a central rod in motion.
Suspension Mixers SUS
Cylindrical mixer with open mixer lid with a centric agitator and serrated mixing tool.
Self-leveling screed Mixers AFE
Smart-Adaptive Mixer KIS
One more thing...
Rounded perforated plate flanged on a rotary flap with gear and motor and blue pneumatic hoses.
Mixing accessories

The art of mixing …